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A Complementary Card with Señor Gleason

January 24, 2020

Hello All!

I’m buh-buh-buh-buh-back again with a  complementary card using Complements vol. 2 stamp set. Of course I couldn’t use just one Ink Road Stamps set. So I also used Majestic AF Background, and Days-e Phrases set as well!

3D5250E7-FC82-412A-B1E7-5572CDE53FF0Now if you’re anything like me you have a bunch of back grounds just sitting around waiting to be made. This card is so simple (I know finally! Sorry about all that complicated stuff y’all!) that you can use just about any back ground for the same effect.


So I grabbed that Majestic Af Background that I have been waiting to use forever and Slapped it on a card base. I touched it up a bit and it was pretty much ready to go. The first thing  you are going to want to do is break out that stamping platform! Then place the sentiment from Complements Vol. 2. Then using the two floral stamps on the Days-e Phrases set to make a boarder on the sentiment. The great thing about Complements Vol. 2 is the way they are cut they perfectly perfectly spaced; so if you lay them butted right up next to each other they look great!

Color the florals with your favorite medium. This time I used liquid watercolor. Now you need to get to fussy cutting. Or you can run it through your electric cutting machine. Cut the Majestic AF background was cut slightly smaller than the card base and a hair thin piece of black card stock was added behind that. I added the hair thin Frame just to make the background stamp pop that much more.

Now get to embellishing!


I used Flat Back Half Gems- Becca Ice since they have a rainbow iridescence that I’m in love with. I also glued the sentiment/image to a piece of glitter card stock. Adding this extra bit adds a bit of dimension to the image and really brings out all the purple in the background.

The last thing you want to do is fill in the middles of the sentiment. Use what ever color that you’d like!


You are now have yourself a beautiful card to give away or you can frame it and look at it when ever you need to be reminded about how great you are! Here is what mine looks like…


So how did I do? As always; if you’ve made it this far into this post you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out in the ink road store and save 10%!!! If you have any further questions about the making of this card or just want to chat hit me up on any of my socials! See you next time!

-Señor Gleason

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