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A creepy Card with Señor Gleason

October 31, 2019

Hello All!

I hope that you are all throughly enjoying your Halloween season! I am very excited to share this card with you today as it uses the Full Circle Vol 2 stamp set in a way that I hope you find delightfully creepy! D5319B34-6EE9-4AD6-8414-C1F492EDA828

I started off by aging some 98lbs mixed media paper. This is a little lighter but since we will be spraying it down with water it is best to use some paper that can really take some water. 110lbs caeré stock just wont cut it this time! There are some great tutorials on YouTube that cover this process in great detail so I will not be going in to it here but the process looks much more impressive than it is to execute. Once you get the aged leather look or skin look lets take it a step further!


Since the ink I used is water reactive you can spray and quickly dab the water with a napkin which will leave small rings where the water was. Using the droplets of water made in the process of aging the card I gave them highlights and shadows so that they would appear dimensional and look like boils or warts. Next you are going to cut the paper in to sections. I used more organic or amoeba like lines instead of straight geometric lines. Place the cut pieces on red card stock and glue them down with a slight space between them so that you can see the red through the pieces. Now you are ready to punch some holes along the seems on on each side so that you can get the needle through much easier.


Are you still with me? I don’t know too much about sewing… like what kind of stitch I used or anything… but It is a very simple stitch and if I can do it you can too! Ok now lets get them eye balls done!

I used a circle stencil to outline where I wanted the eye to be and then used the Full Circle vol 2 set to make the iris of the eye. I embossed them because I love that look and love the dimension it gives.  I colored them in using alcohol inks but of course you should use whatever coloring process you like the best.


I made a lot… I got carried away. Go ahead and pick your favorites and lets put them on the card! Now last but not least is the sentiment which I chose the one that came with the set which I thought was Perfect “look the world in the eye”. Give her a boarder and some of my favorite Flat Back Half Beads- Donna Pearls and hey look! You got yourself a card!


Well I hope that you all have a safe and happy Halloween! If you’ve made it this far I have a treat for you! Enter code Oliver10 at Ink road stamps check out and get 10% off your order! If you have any further questions about the making of this card or just want to say “hi” you can get me on my various social medias. Thanks again!


-Señor Gleason

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Pauletta October 31, 2019 at 10:53 pm

This is really cool!! So much easier than real skin and eyeballs😏
Oh well…next time. Happy Halloween 🎃

IROLIVER November 2, 2019 at 6:50 pm

Bwhahahaha! I know it is easier but… it will never compare to the real thing!


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