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A Lit AF card for a Lit AF stamp set with Señor Gleason

September 6, 2019

Hola! Welcome to my very first blog post! I am a preschool teacher that loves making cards in my every spare minute I have… of which there are not many. Lit AF!!! I am in love with this lil cake… does it have a name? All I know is I want them to be my friend and maybe we can go solve crimes together. So with out further ado, I present LIT AF!



Before we begin a warning… This card has a lot of steps. The first of many being the background. This was made using 110lbs cared stock and Oxide Inks. As always you can choose any colors that you wish I chose a pink, purple, and a green. If you are not familiar with ink blending there are many tutorials on YouTube that will go in to detail on this process. I used 110lbs card stock and then to top it all off I used an acrylic white ink flicked on with a paintbrush to complete the look.  Once dry you can attach the back ground to your card base.

5EA14A8E-7688-41D3-A0D2-577F8F2A6906Now you can start on the background of the Polaroid or frame with in a frame. Now I used 140 lbs watercolor paper, a mixture of distress oxide spray and delusions ink spread, and the smooshing technique, which I used in my Watercolor Courage Bouquet With Señor Gleason blog post. There are also many detailed videos on YouTube that cover this technique in much greater depth. You could also use a patterned paper or a solid piece of colored card stock for the same effect. Since after you add the candles much of it is covered any ways.


Once you have the background complete (and dried!) you can start stamping the candles. I like to emboss all of my images. This process might not be completely evident in the photos but in hand it does make a subtle but noticeable difference. This time I used gelly roll pens to color the candles since they have very vibrant colors and I wanted this card to be very bright! Once you have the candles colored you can go ahead and cut them out.


After you have gotten your ephemera all together you can crank out your faux-laroid frame. I cheated and used my cutting machine. If you want to use your cutting machine the dimensions are 3.5” in x 4.2” for the outside box and 3.1” x 3.1” for the inside box. You could also use dies or measure this out by hand. I would make two so that you can use one as a guide to know where to place the candles. To make the candles more dimensional you will need to start layering them using foam tape in ascending order from the top to the bottom. This means that the bottom row of candles will be double stacked, the middle row single stacked and the top row glued directly to the card.











To finish this process stamp your sentiment in this case “Happy Birthday” on the second faux-laroid frame. Then you can lay the frame in place over the candles. This will require you to double stack the foam tape around the boarder so that it will fit over the bottom row of candles. Which leads to a pretty thick card…


Once the faux-laroid is complete you can emboss (or just stamp I’m not judging) the lil cake. I used 140lbs water color paper for him since I was going to use water based markers to color him. Like I have stated in previous posts you can use the paper that best suits your needs, I.e. if you’re using alcohol markers or colored pencils card stock is fine. To finish the lil cake up I used gelly rolls to make the sprinkles and candles really pop! I embossed the sentiment “Wow that’s bright!” On a separate piece of paper then outlined a speaking bubble by hand and fussy cut it out. Using more of that handy foam tape affixed the cake and sentiment to the faux-laroid.

8968C9FD-AC72-49F9-A6E1-88BC39AB2065Attach a frame with foam tape to the card base. Then the faux-laroid is ready to attach to the frame. Finally I added some Flat Back Half Beads – Donna Pearls to embellish the card. And there you have it!


If you have made it this far you deserve a prize! Use Oliver10 at Ink road Stamps and get 10% off at check out. Remember be creative and if you have any questions please contact me on any of my various social media accounts. I cant wait to see what you create!

-Señor Gleason



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