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Manifesto For My Son by Angela

January 10, 2020

Hi dear Roadies!

Happy new year! 2020 will be the year of decisions here, especially for sons. My youngest must choose what is going to study for the next four-five years. I decided to support him making something special, a manifesto using Block Party Alpha Outline stamps!



I know, I know, I shouldn’t use bad words but I think that if you want to reach the ears of a teen you must use his same language!



The Manifesto is very easy to make. First, I designed a grid on a white 12 in card-stock using a pencil. Then, I stamped along the lines, the phrases using Block Party Alpha Outline, letter by letter.  To give a modern look to the Manifesto, I decided to color only part of the words using Block Party Alpha. I stamped the colored alpha slightly outer edge. The reason is that it was hard to center the stamp without using a stamping tool and also because I think it was cool and unique!



To give an extra something, I embellished the Manifesto using a few pencil chipboards I had in my stash. I partially adhered them, putting glue on the bottom part of the chipboard only. This way it can be used to place something underneath, like a paper note, a card…



I also added the sign to it: Mom!



Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you liked the project I made and feel inspired to create your own Manifesto using Block Party Alpha Outline!



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