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I Wanna Be Where The People ARN’T! Making a Mermaid Card With Señor Gleason

November 8, 2019

Hello All!

I am super excited to share this card with you today as it took a while to get ahold of! Shell Yeah! As a card maker I find that I gravitate towards “Scene Building” as my preferred design style. This set lends it self to to this style and was most likely the reason I wanted this set so bad! So with out any further ado… let’s get into it!

So get those images stamped out! I really like using many different coloring techniques. This time I chose to use colored pencils and Gamsol. Since were working with mermaids I wanted to use as many bright colors as possible.

When using the colored pencil gamsol technique you really only have to color a portion of the image. This way you are able to blend the color out and gives the image a very particular look.


There are some great in-depth tutorials on YouTube if you really like this look. The basics are that the gamsol is a solvent that allows the colored pencil to become much easier to blend and move around on paper. Using a blending stump soaked in gamsol use circular motions to blend out the colored pencil. Make sure to clean off the color left on blending stump when switching between colors. As you can see that’s what I did in the unused areas of my paper.

To finish off these ladies I used super shimmery gelly pens for their mermaid treasures. Now get these ladies cut out!


The way that I trend to work is make tons of the ephemera and then you can pick and choose later on which ones were the best or really work with the over all card. I will have to be honest with you all… I am terrible with graphic design so I feel  that the ability to move the images around is really helpful for me

Once the Players are completed its time to set the stage! With these ladies I wanted to continue with a simple sea and sky back ground… I know I know not exactly inventing the wheel but, if its done well then you can get away with it! So, I used a cloud stencil I made myself and some blending brushes to adds clouds and then the ocean where our characters will dwell!


Next I used a stencil I made to start a sea underneath those clouds. I liked using warm clouds and then a very tranquil cool sea. It was also important to ground these ladies, So I added a sandy colored embossing powder on the bottom. Now… you can see the colors I used in the photos but… as always please do not limit yourself to these! Use what YOU like! My results below!

And threw on a Sparkly glitter frame because I mean… If you’re not using glitter you’re not making cards… HAHAHA!


Now here is one of my favorite parts! You basically get to play paper dolls with your card! Play around with the composition, placement of elements and see what looks best to you! I know that stamping lots of images and coloring them all is a pain in the butt but… It really gives you lots of options and allows you to see how certain elements interact with each other!


Once you have the placement of your characters I wanted to add some bubbles… Anyone remember The Little Mermaid…? It’s this movie about a mermaid that wants to be a person over some dude… anyway it had a lot of bubbles… bubble everywhere! So I grabbed the Flat Back Half Beads- Gina Clear Bubbles to not only add dimension and shine but also in homage to that movie!










Once you give your card bubble fantasy realness, throw on a sentiment and you’ve got yourself a finished card! Give it to some one you love or you can give it to a mermaid if you actually know one!


Yay! Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me! If you’ve gotten this far you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out! I love this set ant it is retiring soon so go get it! If you have any further questions please let me know on any of my various social medias! Thanks again you’ve all been MERMAZING!!!

-Señor Gleason

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