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A Snarky House Wife and Señor Gleason

August 15, 2020

Hello All! I am back again today with one of my favorite stamp sets ever Snarky House Wife! There is also special guest appearance from Karen Vol. 2 and windows from the Advent Calender

I fist stamped out the windows and cut out the frames. After I used a stencil to stencil in the clouds in behind them. Then I used foam tape to give the windows some dimension. The windows were then placed on a piece of patterned paper which I used as the back wall.

For the housewife I stamped her twice, one on patterned paper and one on a blank piece of paper. I then cut out the head, collar, and arms from the blank print and colored her in. After the coloring is done you can glue the colored piece on to the patterned piece and this image is complete.

After complete it the main image you can adhere it to the background. I then drew out a thought bubble and placed it above her head. Then I cut out an oval on a wood patterned piece of paper and with foam tape placed it over the main image. After this I heat embossed the sentiment on to a piece of paper and cut out a patterned piece of paper to go underneath that. I then placed the sentiment and attached the whole card on to a different piece of patterned paper, which I then attached to my card base and voila you have a card!

I thank you so much for thinking me on another card making adventure. As always if you’ve made it this far you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out and save some coin! If you have any questions about this card or any other cards please contact me on any of my other socials! Thanks again!

-Señor Gleason

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