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A Snarky Housewife Card with Senor Gleason

April 4, 2020

Hello All!

Welcome Back! I am very excited to get to making  a card today using 3 different stamp sets! The main Image comes from Snarky Housewife with elements from Wednesdays We Wear Pink and Bella Flora Boarders. I will give you time to go collect those sets and meet me back here!

A8F38E1F-3576-40D3-A29A-1F8B6CC8F023You ready? Let’s go!

Go ahead and get all of those images printed out and colored. For the main images I chose to use alcohol markers. If you’d like to learn a little more about alcohol marker coloring check out this blog post, where I go in to much more detail about the process. You could absolutely of course go and check out Youtube. They have a great wealth of artists creating with alcohol markers at your disposal. If you don’t want to go and to that just remember: you need a light, medium, and dark of the same hue, work light to dark and keep going back over the area with the lighter shade.


Once you have those main elements colored in (Housewife and martini) you will ant to start on the background. NOw to me backgrounds are always kind of an after thought for me. Since th eco al point is the Snarky Housewife whats in the background is not as important. I wanted it to look like she was outside so I used some stencils and some patterned paper to give an outdoor in the garden look.


Now that all of the elements are complete break out that foam tape roll and lets get to attaching all of the elements. I wanted all of the elements to look 3-d so all parts received foam tape. Remember that each new layer that you add need an additional layer of foam tape. Since I always like to add a raised final frame it had 3 layers of foam tape so that it sat over the final floral layer. Ande do not forget to add a sentiment!

Now if you have followed a long with me you should have a final card! And it should look a little something like this.



So if you have made it this far you as always deserve a prize! Use Oliver10 at check out and save 10%! Before I go, I want to thank you so much again for visiting my blog post! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns and would like to contact me; please find me on any of my socials!

-Señor Gleason

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