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A Spoopy DIY — Stretch Your Supplies with Carol

October 25, 2020

Hello! And welcome back to a beautiful crafty day. Today, I’m going to share with you a fun way to stretch your stamps! For this card, I will be using Full Circle as the main event. As well as: Lightbox Alphas for the sentiment; Lucy — Happy Mail for the bows; and Shell Yeah for additional texture and decoration.

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This card was so much fun to make because it really stretched my own creativity. I knew I wanted to make a cute card, with ghosts. I looked up some cute ghostie images for inspiration and got to work!

I used regular, 65# white card stock for this. I was very surprised that my image didn’t suffer any pilling, but I also didn’t use very much water in my design. Also, I wanted to use watercolor because it was so much easier to soften the hard lines the circle stamp created.

Here is my setup for watercolor stamping

I mounted my solid circle on a clear block and painted my glass mat with my desired colors. To get the effect I wanted, I stamped and swizzled so the paint wasn’t so highly concentrated on one spot. Then, I stamped my paper, and, while the paint was still wet, came in with my water brush to paint the tails on the ghosties. (Yes. I am a grown ass woman, and I say “ghosties” in my normal language. lol). Then, I stamped the bows on the 4 girl ghosts, and colored them in with the same pink I used for their cheeks.

Now, the fun part. I grabbed a Vellum Writer pen, (You can use a Sharpie for this, as well) and drew their faces. This really brought life to my images (no pun intended, here), especially the one on the bottom right.

Can I just say: how freaking funny is it that there’s 5 ghosties and 1 of them is freaking out about the other 4? LOL I thought that was a fun touch.

Also, what I love about the watercolor stamping is that it conveniently created shading where the paint puddled. Like on the bottom right ghostie, how his face is lighter than the rest of his body. Totally unintentional, but kind of a happy mistake!

I used some stamps to add really fun textures to the card. There really was no rhyme or reason to my textures. I just didn’t want it looking so bland. I heat embossed the sentiment, and finished it off with a few crystal drops, and gel pen highlights.

How FUN was this card? I hope it was as good for you as it was for me to make it. 😉

I really love this card. Sound off in the comments below: Do you try and stretch your supplies? Or do you use your stamps as they are?

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Join me next time for another fun card!

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