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Ain’t no party like a Mari Party Card with Señor Gleason

February 29, 2020

Hello all! Welcome back!

Today I am super excited to get into the Mari Party Stamp set! If you are anything like me you like the opportunity to learn and use new mediums. Since I have been aching for a reason to use alcohol ink markers and Alcohol inks this is the perfect excuse with all of the opportunity to use vibrant colors.

First a warning; alcohol markers can be a considerable investment. You are able to get similar results for MUCH less with a decent watercolor set. One needs to consider this before you dive in to this. I know that alcohol markers are quickly becoming the industry standard for coloring, but please think about the look you are going for before you take the deep dive off the Coptic cliff!


Are you still with me? Good! Grab your coloring medium of choice and let’s start this card!

You begin by stamping out two of the balloon images and two of the boxes of presents images. Now, if you are new to  Alcohol markers there are many… MANY tutorials on YouTube that you can follow. Generally you need three markers: a darker tone, a mid tone, and a light tone. You begin with the light shade and and then incrementally add in the darker shades as you go to get that smooth transition. The formula goes something like this: Light, mid, light, dark, mid, light. I highly suggest that you experiment first. It will greatly benefit you to run some drills and see if the colors will even blend well. With that being said… lets get coloring!

Once you have completed the coloring part you can pick out your background. If you are anything like me you have a large cache of backgrounds that you are just dying to use! I decided on a vibrantly colored background that I created using alcohol inks. If you would like to see how you can create an alcohol ink background you can of course check out YouTube or you can also refer to this Majestic AF card I made using alcohol inks.

Now you wanna go ahead and break out the double sided foam tape and get to adding dimension. This is the time you can really play with composition. How do you see the elements fitting together? What looks aesthetically pleasing to you? I like to see that these blogs are more inspiration than how to… at least that’s how I hope they are coming off. Please note: if you ever have any questions about the making of any of my cards I am more than happy to discuss them. Please feel free to look me up on any of my socials.

61EAD0A8-F841-4885-AD58-1F893CCBE001And now that you have all the elements glued together and looking great… Go ahead and slap a sentiment on it, bedazzle it with some Flat Back Half Bead- Donna Pearls and you have got yourself a completed card!

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me! I hope that you had fun and made something that you are proud of!  Even if you are not… you can always give it to someone you don’t like and you can make them feel bad because you are awesome and made them something handmade! If you have made it this far please help yourself to 10% off in the Ink road store! Enter Oliver10 at check out!

-Señor Gleason


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