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Belated Birthday Bash

September 23, 2020

Hello Roadies! Magy, up on the blog today.

It’s officially fall (my favorite time of year) and spooky season is here. While every one is busting out the pumpkins and haunting decor, here at home, we are filling up the piñata and showering the place with streamers.

We end September with the celebration of our littlest babe and are kept in Birthday mode until then. Today, I have not 1 but 3 Belated Birthday cards using The Ink Road Stamps, so bare with me.

Oopsies! I forgot!

I love making my own unique stamped backgrounds and that’s exactly what I did with these first 2, using Belated by Lacey Ann Designs.

Inspired by our Señor Gleason

On gray cardstock, I alternate “Happy little bit late Birthday”, rightside up and upside down (fit perfectly). Then on a smaller bright Blue piece, stamped the cupcake from Roadies Vol 4 and added some shimmer to the sprinkles. On white, “Happy Day AFTER Your Birthday” followed by a party hat on its side to indicate the festivities had passed.

Added a strip of orange and colored in the hat to match. Adhered it all down and done.

Party’s over…

On another sheet of white cardstock, I lined up the edges with that same party hat. I used sticky notes to do some quick masking (stamped three sheets and cut them out). Colored them in with festive colors, pink, yellow and bright blue. Stamped “Happy Belated Birthday” in black ink accompanied by “I Blew It.” and confetti that has collected on “the floor”. Adhered onto black cardstock to make the colors pop.

I blew it.

The last, shows a cool ink blending method called the Joseph’s Coat technique. It’s usually done with embossing powder but, in case you have none, here’s another way to try with stencils. I actually made a homemade stencil using the Stripper Dies.

Belated 🎂

Ink blended on white with Purple, Bright Blue and Pink. Splattered water and, after drying, took my homemade stencil and covered the right bottom corner. Went over the stencil with black ink then repeated the same in the upper left corner.

I then chose INKED Lani to stamp crisply on more white cardstock. I fussy cut her and her confetti out and glued the pieces down on the top corner, keeping everything in its place. Took “Happy Belated Birthday” one more time on white and sticking it on the bottom corner. I wanted the Belated part to stand out so I inked up “Belated” carefully onto another white piece, used scraps for added dimension and stick.

Party on, Lani!

3 birthday cards, 3 different ways made quickly after realizing you’ve forgotten yet another birthday.

Making up for these late birthdays was a breeze (thanks Lacey!). Grab your Belated set via preorder with MAGALY10 today and don’t feel bad about missing that birthday tomorrow.

Need More Inspiration?

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