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Block Party Alpha part 2: the 2020 Remake with Señor Gleason

March 7, 2020

Welcome back y’all!

This week I am very happy to bring the sequel to Block Party Alpha! Since this card is  sequel of course I wanted to go bigger and better. So strap in grab yourself a cup of coffee and lets get to card making!

72174143-6598-4776-BD91-87AA8667DE31You will need the following sets to create this card: Block Party Alpha, Block Party Alpha Outlines, and Holly Pixels Art Supplies. I mention that you can use Oliver10 at check out incase you need a little help procuring all these sets?

OK, Are you ready?

First you wanna make that background! You can use a stencil like I did and grab some brightly colored inks and go to town. You can also just make any  beautiful and colorful card background that feels right to you. The point is you need a background! Once you have your beautiful and colorful background finished, you then need to attach it to a card base. After you have the fledglings of a card made we can get started stamping out those art supplies.

4FAC616B-E776-496C-9240-91107A518AC6You can now get started on the coloring of those art supplies. Your coloring medium is entirely up to you. If you have followed any of my previous blogs then you know I am learning how to work with alcohol markers. Please check out my Mari Party Card Blog. There I go more in depth with alcohol marker coloring. Go ahead and finish the coloring of those Art supplies… I will wait. For extra credit you can also cut out the art supplies so that they will be ready for future use.

Now you will want to pull out your stamping platform of choice. You can also choose to stamp out each phrase with acrylic blocks, but why make your life harder? The best thing about individual letter sets id you can basically spell out anything in the english language and a good amount in Spanish too! This is the time to figure out what you want this card to say. I went for a fun generic saying that reflected the elements that I chose to decorate my card with.

Once you have chosen what you would like to say start with the Block Party Alpha Outlines, doing this will give you the nice black outlines around your letters. After you have stamped your sentiment with the out lines you can go back with the Block Party Alpha stamps and fill in the outlines with your chosen colors.

After you complete the task of stamping and coloring your sentiments, you can begin with the fussy cutting! You can also use a electronic cutting machine… you can always tell everyone you fussy cut them yourself.

Once you have decided on a sentiment, you can begin the planning of your card. Break out the beautifully colored back ground you created earlier and start placing the art supplies that you have colored. Keep in mind that you will need to place your letters in a legible placement on your card. Sometimes the card I see in my head does not work out the way I want it to. So I choose to keep my elements fluid until the last possible moment where glue meets the paper. You should play with your composition until it feels right to you. Finally the last and most important part… the sprinkles or embellishments if you will. I chose to go very simple with some Flat Back Half Beads- Rachel Black Pearl. The Black Pearls give you many different size options to play with.

This is what I came up with…

D47AADBE-8E5F-486C-962C-7BEAE26F260CWhat do you all think? If you have made it this far in to my post you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out and save some coin! I was very excited to play with these stamp sets. I love that the individual letters allow maximum versatility. Have a wonderful time creating your masterwork, and please reach out to me to let me see what you create!


-Señor Gleason





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