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Card Makin’ With The BOO Crew and Señor Gleason

October 26, 2019

Hey Ghoul Friends!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time that I get too hibernate with pumpkin spice everything and watch all the horror movies I want! That’s right it’s Halloween season! So of course I had to use the BOO Crew stamp set! So put on a scary movie and lets get sheetfaced!


Ok are you guys ready for some steps?! Cuz this card has a lot of steps… like maybe too many steps. Go ahead and start stamping… you will need lots and lots of ghosts. Don’t you worry I skipped the embossing part this time because… I am not sure why I didn’t. You should probably go ahead and emboss the ghosts just to be sure!


Once you got all your ghosts stamped lets get them colored. I usually like to just give these lil ghosts a gray shadow to give them a little dimension. Once you’ve got that done let the fussy cutting begin!!! Or you can take the short cut and use your electric cutting machine… Entirely up to you!

Ok are you ready to start making the frames? In order to do this I broke out my Lacey’s DIY Window Dies and cut out them out then I just cut around them to make a picture frame for this lil ghost family.


Now the look I was going for was a Ghost in his haunted house in front of his mixtures of his ghost friends/family. So they means I needed a bigger ghost for scale. And this is when those cut files come in so handy!!! I used the boo crew cut file to make a ghost that was in scale with the scene to place in front of the picture wall.


Since the ghost is only the white parts of ther stamp you’re going to have to remember to attach them to a dark colored paper to create the line around them or else it would just look… weird.

4A5D23C9-CE8A-4853-AE2F-0B51C4C4C282Now we have to set the stage! I used a wallpaper themed patterned paper for the background and added a small strip of wood patterned paper to make sure and ground the ghost so he was not just floating there… well I mean he IS just floating there but… well you know what I mean! OK folds time to grab that foam tape and lets start putting it together! After its been assembled make sure you add some shiny bits like the Deluxe Flat Back Half Gems- Catherine Purple so people know we’re fancy! I also tore up a lil bit of the wall paper to give it a bit more of a “haunted house look”.

Throw on a sentiment and hey look what you got there a ghosty lil card!

D5319B34-6EE9-4AD6-8414-C1F492EDA828Thank you so much for joining me again on this card making journey  and as always if you’ve made it this far you get a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out and you will get 10% off your purchase!  If you have any further questions about the making of this card or just want to reach out and discuss your favorite horror movie, please feel free to contact me on any of my various social media accounts. See y’all in a week and get scary!

-Señor Gleason

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