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Category is: Card Realness with Señor Gleason

November 23, 2019

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Señor Gleason here bringing you a card made with the Okurrrr stamp set. Have you ver gotten a stamp set that you loved so much that you didn’t wanna use it because… it was just so pretty? This was the Okurrrr stamp set for me! I forced my self to use it because simultaneously I wanted to use it so bad! So, let’s start your engines and get to stampin’!


Well actually first break out the stencils! I wanted the looks of rays emanating from the central image which is presumably a Drag Queen. I also wanted to stick to a really limited color palette. So I broke out all of the pink ink shades that I had. And set to color blending them to the edge of the card.

I started with a really warm pink then faded it in to a really light bubbly pink. Saving the stronger pinky red to stencil over. The lighter colors. I remember in one are class that the rule was lighter colors give the illusion that it is far away and dark colors look closer to the foreground. I then sprayed her down with some water and quickly absorbed that water with a towel to add extra texture.

2FC2AF39-1EB4-470B-9241-E2BBB10362FCOnce you’ve gotten the back ground down, set that card aside and let’s focus on the main image. If you are any thing Like me you have a huge collection of the negative spaces of cut outs from my electronic cutter… If you don’t you can always die cut a circle as well. I used some white glitter card stock for the circle because I wanted to add some O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E.! Make sure you add as much foam tape as you possibly can for dimension. Then slap that baby on there. I off set the circle so that it was hanging off the edge of the card because… I’m a rebel and wanted to keep the full circle and keep the focus on the queen in the circle.


Ok… Bear with me. This is another time I tell you that the next process I describe can easily be found on YouTube. If you have any questions track me down on any of my social medias and I will hold your had through the process of… sending you the YouTube link.

I went ahead and stamped the image as clearly as I possibly on a white piece of paper. Then used my electronic cutting machine that scans, to enlarge it a bit so that she fills the space of the glitter card stock circle.  I got her scanned and cut out I threw her on the circle and got ready for the painstaking task of choosing her a sentiment.


I decided to go with “You are SICKENING” which was comprised of a sentiment from Okurrrr and Bloom Where You Are Planted set. I also embossed the sentiment in a holographic powder because O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E.! Now throw on as many sparkly embellishments as you wish because… you guessed it! OPULENCE!!! I used some of the Deluxe Flat Back Half Gems- Catherine Purple so that they would contrast against the pink.  And you should pretty much hace a full card made by now! You can give this card to a drag queen with come coin as a tip or you can keep it in your bag every once and again when you need a little pick-me-up!


Yay! As always if you’ve made it this far in to the blog you get a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out for a discount! Thank you so much for reading. If you have any more questions about the making of this card or drag culture please find me on any of my various social medias. Now it is time for me to sashay away!

-Señor Gleason

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