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Clear Embossing Two Ways

September 7, 2018

Hello, Roadies! Ashlea here, and today I’m excited to share my Beyonce themed card set! Yep, you read that right. Though Queen Bey is always a good time, of course I’ve also got some card making tips for you as well. Let’s get right into it!

If you’re like me and are a visual learner, check out the video I created here!

If you’ve been overlooking clear embossing powder or just haven’t thought to use it in the past, I hope to change your mind today. I know, I know, you don’t need yet another crafty product taking up space on your desk but trust me when I say the versatility of clear embossing powder will have you using it again and again. I’ve created two nearly identical cards using clear embossing powder in two different ways to show just how versatile it really is. Both cards have a stamped background pattern clear embossed, however, one uses clear Versamark ink (which is what you’re probably used to) and one uses a bright vibrant colored dye ink. Yes! You absolutely can emboss over dye ink. This basically means with clear embossing, you can emboss any color. OH the possibilities!

For my white based card, I stamped a lemon background pattern with Limoncello ink by Catherine Pooler. Because dye inks stay dry for just a little bit, I covered each stamp with my clear EP each time I stamped one. This ensured that I got  good even coverage. You could probably get away with stamping two or three and then covering it with your EP, but be sure to stamp fairly quickly if you do it this way. After everything was stamped and covered with clear EP, I set it with my heat tool. When set, it gives a beautiful texture and shine to the lemons that really adds interest to the card.

For the yellow based card, I used Versamark ink which is a clear sticky ink usually used for embossing. This ink stays wet for quite a long time so I was able to stamp my entire lemon background pattern before covering it with clear EP. Now, I know this sounds a little silly. Clear ink with clear embossing powder sounds boring and…well…clear. However, since we’re stamping onto colored card stock, the stamping and clear EP will give a wet sort of look and the lemons will take on a darker tone than the card stock with the same texture and shine as the white based card.

Finally, I assembled the card using opposite colored card stock for matted bases and then adhered the card fronts to A2 sized card bases with craft foam for dimension.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about how I created these cards using two different clear embossing techniques. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments! I’ll see you back here very soon!

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