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Complements Vol. 2 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo With Señor Gleason

March 21, 2020

Hello All!

I am super excited to take another shot at using The Complements Vol. 2 stamp set, with a special appearance from the bella florals set as well! Now this card has not one but two backgrounds. An alcohol ink back ground as well as a die cut back ground, with color and depth for the gods! Let’s get started with our next adventure in card making!

Let us start from the bottom of this card and work our way to the top! I used a rainbow variety of alcohol inks as the first background because I wanted those colors to shine through the many layers. Now if you need a refresher course on alcohol inks you can look up any of the many tutorials on Youtube, or you can review any of these previous blog posts where I go further in to depth about the alcohol ink medium: This Stamp Set Is MAJESTIC AF or Ain’t No Party Like A Mari Party.

9E9DDE37-73DC-40F1-92ED-421EA0772195If you ain’t got time for that, an extremely brief explanation of alcohol inks is… they have a mind of their own. You essentially have to play with them and see how they react. If you are lucky enough to have them react the way you want, pat your self on the back. Ten you can set the completed alcohol ink masterpiece you’ve created aside for later.

Next you can choose one of you fanciest and full A2 die set that you have. Please note: If you do not have a die like this you can also leave this layer of the card out. The alcohol ink background is strong enough to shine on it’s own. Now here comes the fun part… the coloring. Pull out those bella florals and pick your favorite. I gold embossed my favorite on to black paper. Then used Gelly Roll pens so that they really pop on the black background. You can find a detailed process of this in my  Thanks for the Bella florals blog post. Pro tip: You can fussy cut out these like I did you you an procure the Bella Flora Dies set And make some quick work of this! P.s. you can always use Oliver10 at check out to save!


Now choose your sentiment from the Complements Vol. 2 set and go ahead and emboss it in your favorite shiny powder. I once again embossed on black paper and then layered the sentiment on some velum so that it stands out from the background.

So now that you have all of your elements, it is time to start assembling your final card. Attach the alcohol ink background to a card base, layer the die (if you have it) with some foam tape. Finally you can  attach your bella flora flowers and sentiments. Now for my favorite part… the sprinkles. I chose to embellish the card with the Deluxe Flat back Half Gems- Angie Rainbow. I like this gem combination because there are many different shades to choose from and you are able to choose shades that complement the background. After you have completed this task you should have your self a card!

CF815FFA-FB13-4F86-B6CF-6EE66BC6D034If you have made it through this blog post you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at checkout to save! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I hope to see you next time! As always if you have any further questions please find me on any of my socials and ask away!

-Señor Gleason

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