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Cootie Queen Card with Señor Gleason

June 20, 2020

Hello all you Cootie Queens! Today I am bringing you a card using both the Lint Licker and Daisie Background stamp sets.

Let us begin by getting all of our mise en place together first! Select your colored cardstock and cut them into strips, I used a textured card stock with the center cut out to make the frame, and heat embossed the sentiment. Now that you’ve that all together lets start with the arrangement of the colored strips.

Once you have them in your preferred color order you can then glue them to a A2 side card stock. After you have the strips glued down you can emboss the image onto the strips. Then attach this image to a card base. I added some foam tape to the back do that it would add some dimension. Then you can attach the frame, also with foam tape to push that dimension. Once this is complete you can add the sentiment.

Finally you can add the sprinkles, and by sprinkles I mean embellishments! I used the Flat Back Half Beads- Rachel Black Pearl, since they contrast perfectly against the rainbow background. Once this is completed… you should have yourself a card that looks impressive but is pretty simple to create!

Thank you so much for joining me on another adventure! If you have made it this far you can claim your prize of 10% off at check out by just typing in Oliver10! If you have any further questions or just want to shower me with undue praise hit me up on any of my socials!

Thanks again!

Señor Gleason

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