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Hey friends!  Kira here!  And I am back with a little “off the page” project today:  alphabet flashcards!

Many of you probably don’t know but my youngest son (2.5 years old) has a speech delay.  We have speech therapy once a week.  And he can repeat most anything you say…but he fights you sooooo hard on it.  The other day I was working with my four year old on writing the alphabet, and out of nowhere my youngest starts going, “A, B, C, D…” and I was like, where in the heck did this come from?!  Lol.

So I thought it was time to introduce some flashcards to our daily routine.

I started by cutting some smooth white cardstock down to 3″x4″.  Then using the Block Party Alpha Outline, I stamped each letter on a single card.  Since my baby is a little delayed, I wasn’t going to worry about lowercase letters, so the Block Party Alpha was perfect here.

Then the fun part!  I wrote all of the letters vertically down a piece of paper, then started flipping through my stamps.  Once I saw a stamp I wanted to use for a letter, I’d write it down.

Here’s my list:

A:  apple (from the This Stamp is Bananas set)

B:  bird (from the Swanderful set)

C:  Cat (from the Purr Babies set)

D:  Dog (from Bork)

E:  Egg (from Eggstra)

F:  Flower (from Chin up Buttercup)

G:  Guitar (from The One With All the Stamps)

H:  Hat (from Stars Hallow)

I:  Idea (from Iconic)

J:  Jungle (Frond of You)

K:  Kiss (from Modern Romance)

L:  Love (from Blended)

M: Music/Microphone (from Pitch, Please)

N:  Night (from Majestic AF)

O:  Octopus (pulled a stamp from my stash)

P:  Planet (from Iconic)

Q:  Question (from Block Party Alpha Outline)

R:  Red Solo Cup (from Pitch, Please)

S:  Snowflake (from Happy Holla Days)

T:  Tree (from Fir Real)

U:  Unicorn (from Majestic AF)

V:  Venti (from Mug Life)

W:  Wand (from Iconic)

X:  Ummm…

Y:  Yellow (from Between the Lines)

Z:  Zebra (from Snarks and Recreation)

Some of them were stamped in colored ink.  But some I added color with my Copics, with very basic coloring

Aren’t these fun?!  My kids have already been enjoying them so I hope it starts helping with my youngest’s alphabet soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo, Kira

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