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Documenting Weekly Memories in a Memory Planner with Liz

September 2, 2017
Documenting Weekly Memories in a Memory Planner

Hi y’all! It’s Liz here to share how I’ve used the amazing Ink Road Stamps in my memory planner! If you’re not familiar with memory planners, it’s when you use a planner (doesn’t matter what brand) to document your weekly memories. It’s really quick, easy, and most of all fun!

Let’s Get Started!

  1. First, I always grab my mobile printer (I use the Polaroid Zip), and I print all of my photos from the week. Since I use The Happy Planner® BIG the Polaroid Zip’s 2×3″ self-adhesive photo paper fits perfectly inside the boxes. I decide on where I want them using the days that they occurred as a guide, but I also stagger them to provide more visual interest.
  2. Next comes the fun part… stamping! Using the My Details set first, I added “Reading:”, “Watching”, and “Loving:” to the sidebar to document what I was into that week. Next, I used the Call Me, Maybe set. With my sweet puppy Gage’s face, I couldn’t help but use the “You are totes adorbs” sentiment stamped on a bordered sticky note with a ‘documented’ sticker to draw attention to it.
  3. On the second page, I again used the Call Me, Maybe set with the “The internet knows I like you” phrase directly beneath Gage. Then using my favorite set The Struggle is Real, I added ‘coffee’ under my picture of the free coffee I nabbed from our apartment’s front office and ‘a good time’ to the pink pushpin sticky note to the right of my picture of our river tube floats from that weekend.
  4. Saturday was the first day of Floatfest in San Marcos (a weekend long music festival), so I once again used the My Details set and stamped ‘going:, drinking:, and listening:’ beneath the round ‘little details’ and ‘hello weekend’ stickers to document where we went, things we did, and who we saw in concert that weekend. Lastly, I used the phrase ‘Don’t do crazy things alone’ from the Just a Number set to go along with the memory grouping for our weekend spent at Floatfest.

Thank you for joining me here on The Ink Road blog today! I hope you really feel inspired by my post to do more stamping in your planner(s) if you don’t already. 🙂




Design Team: Liz Nielson

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