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Frames with ShiYing

March 9, 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s Shi Ying (Shing) here bringing you another Simple DIY idea for your scrapbooking, planning or anything really!

Today’s DIY Require :

  1. Frames
  2. Scissors/ Paper Trimmer
  3. Compliments Vol. 1 Stamp Set`, Swanderful Stamp Set
  4. Glue, Sticky tape
  5. Inks and Coloring materials
  6. Embellishments (Stickers, die cuts, etc.) (Optional)

First off, I’ll do the basics by stamping, coloring and cut the images or sentiments from the stamp sets as  my embellishment.

Next, take the frames from your stash or you can handmake yours 🙂 I got mine from my stash. Next, start sticking down the images and sentiment that you stamped out, on to the border frames. You can add florals, enamel dots, ephemera around the border of the frames to spice the frames up!

You can even go a further step by adding foam tape and sequins to create shakers! 🙂

What use might a DIY Frame Embellishment be you asked? Well, you can use it in your planner as a decoration, or a frame for your scrapbooking/project life spreads! I hope you have been enjoying my DIY ideas and get inspired to start creating!


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