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Friday Feature – Meow Mix Stamp Set

October 6, 2017

Hello everyone! Today we are going to introduce a new type of post to the blog. Every Friday we are going to feature a specific stamp set and have three of our talented design team members create something using only that set. This way you can get many different ideas on how to use that specific stamp set in different types of crafts!

So our first Friday Feature post is dedicated to “MEOW MIX” stamp set.

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Let’s see what the design team created with it.


For this week’s Feature Friday, I decided to create a mini album.  I added up all my photos of cats and I have 30 pictures…and guys, I don’t own a cat.  LOL.  My kids and I visit our neighborhood cats daily though, and we love them.  So I wanted to document when we first met them and each of their personalities.

This stamp set is perfect for that.  I was able to stamp each stamp as I see them.   I even made one of the cats have one eye open and one closed since one of the cats we visit is a one eyed cat.  I added some sunglasses to another cat because his personality is a little feistier than the others and thought the glasses portrayed that well.

Design Team: Kira Ness


Check meow-t for this purr-fect Feature Friday! I absolutely adore the Meow Mix stamp set! I’m also a sucker for cat puns (if you didn’t already notice, lol). So, I made this purr-fect fall layout in my Happy Planner with a few different puns that I hand lettered to add a bit of humor and wit to my week.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make busy weeks that much more enjoyable. Make sure to check out the Meow Mix stamp set right… meow! =)

Design Team: Liz Nielson

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