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Friends Forever with Ali

March 27, 2018

Hey y’all, Ali here! We’ll be friends forever, won’t we? Of course we will, we share a love of stamps! My son has two great friends (twins) and I truly hope the three of them will be friends forever, or even longer (to quote the incredibly wise Winnie the Pooh).¬† I met the twins’ mom in birth class, and we hit it off immediately. Obviously we were having babies at the same time, so we decided to keep in touch. Not only has she become one of my best friends, but the boys have known each other since birth, and absolutely love hanging out together! Can’t break that bond, that’s for sure! Wow, I digress…this layout is an homage to their friendship (and Winnie the Pooh).

I used stamps to create subtle details on this layout. I really love those mustard alphas, and this Felicity Jane collection has the bit of mustard throughout, so I wanted that to be incorporated in other areas of the layout! I decided to put each photo on a tag. I cut the tags and used the Between the Lines set to add in my pops of mustard! I used the squiggly stamp, because I felt like it meshed well with other patterns from my layout! I also snagged that little hexagon from the Chin Up Buttercup set because 1. it is my new favorite stamp, I want to stamp it on everything. and 2. the Felicity Jane collection came with little hexagons, so it was just meant to be!

I love documenting these three over the years, it is fun to do then and now layouts! Sometimes stamps can add such a subtle aspect to a layout, but the reality is, without that stamping, this layout would feel totally incomplete!


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