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Frond of Planning with Liz

September 18, 2017

Hey y’all! Liz here to share my favorite planner spread from the summer.

This spread was not only easy to do, but it came out super cute! Using the two leaf stamps from the Frond of You stamp set, I started by applying ink. I used Versafine for this whole layout. Since I wanted this to be predominantly on the edges and to look like a tropical forest, I kept a piece of scrap paper beneath my pages to “catch” the extra ink and stamped the edges in alternating directions and using residual ink left on the stamp I was able to create a gradient of black.

Having the different values (light to dark) helps to give that added dimension. I then lettered the month, dates, and year in a rose gold marker. Once I was sure that was dry, I then wanted to add some additional (and colorful) foliage to my stamped areas. Using the tropical leaves and hibiscus clear stickers from The Happy Planner®, I applied them to the areas that I had intentionally left a bit blank.

Then I finished adding more matching tropical stickers keeping everything to the pink and green color scheme that was determined by the leaves and flowers. Finally I added the sweet quote sticker, “You are capable of amazing things” because having a variety of decorative layers in my planner spreads is what makes them so visually appealing. I had so much fun making this spread, and I hope it inspires you to do more creative stamping in your planner!


Liz Nielson


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