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Getting Bizarre With Señor Gleason

July 4, 2020

Hello All! This card is for all the Criminals, Brains, Princesses, Athletes, and basket cases out there. I am so excited to share the Pretty Bizarre Stamp Sets. Now if you haven’t already guessed, this stamp set was inspired by one of my favorite 80’s movies of all times. Now, before we get started I just want to ask in high school were you a Brain, an Athlete, a Princess, a criminal, or like me… a basket case?

This card is a pretty simple card with not too many steps. First you want to start by taking the Bender silhouette and inking him up. I wanted to have a neon 80’s color scheme to reflect the decade from with the movie came from.

I loaded up the card base in to my stamping platform and began stamping him across across the top, alternating the colors with each new stamp.

When I was completed with the image, I added the sentiment directly to the card front. Above that I separately stamped out the image in black then cut out the image leaving a small white boarder. I then attached it with foam tape to add a little dimension. You can then spruce it up with a few black dot embellishments. If you’d have followed along by ethics point you should have a card.

Thank you so much for joining me again on this card crafting journey again! If you have made it this far you deserve a prize! Use Oliver10 at check out to save some coin!If you have any questions about the making of this card or any of my other cards, please contact me on any of my socials! Thanks again!

-Señor Gleason

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