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Gift Wrapping with Kira

December 12, 2017

Hey there! Is everyone as excited about Christmas as I am?!  We just bought a house and our realtor so kindly gifted us our first Christmas tree!  So this year I plan to go all out with my wrapping.  I want my Christmas tree to look as tho it was straight out of a catalog.

And the holiday release of Ink Road Stamps is perfect for that!  I used both Happy Holla Days and Fir Real on these projects.  They added such a fun, whimsical touch to my projects.  Here’s a look at some of the tags and wrapping I made with these stamp sets.  But as cute as these are…they aren’t even my favorite! 

Take a look at these adorable muslin bags!

I bought these on a whim, hoping they would turn out.  And they so totally did.  So I wanted to share a little tutorial on how I made these.  First, gather your supplies.  You’ll need muslin bags (any size will do but mine are an adorably sized 3×4), stamps, ink pads, chipboard (optional) and clothespins (optional).

I cut some chipboard down to size to lay my bag on top of while I stamped.  The clothespins are to stretch the fabric taut so I ended up with a nice clean image.  (But if you own an iron, I suppose you could iron them to get the same effect…I don’t know, I don’t own an iron. Lol.)

Once the bag is secured into place, you’ll want to choose the stamp and inks for your bag.  I went with traditional green and red…I know, I know, so original.  And I stamped one of the phrases from the Fir Real stamp set in red.

You’ll want to make sure you add enough pressure to really get that sentiment onto the bag.  I picked up the chipboard and pressed firmly behind it while holding my stamp in place.

And how cute is that?!  I thought about keeping it simple…but honestly, I can never leave well enough alone.  So I used one of the tree stamps from the stamp set and stamped it in green right below my sentiment.

Now it’s ready to stuff with a special gift and tag for a special someone!  You can see how I created a custom tag for the bag below.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and got some ideas for your upcoming holiday wrapping!  Thanks for stopping by!


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