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Iconic Charms with Ali

April 15, 2018

Hey stampers! Ali here! I have a super fun and exciting off the page project for you today (I know, I’m wild, right?!). Wait for it….I made a charm bracelet with my stamps! It was so fun and easy! The Iconic stamp set is meant to be paired with sentiments from other sets (totally makes sense!). However…they are all so cute on their own, I just couldn’t resist making my daughter a princess charm bracelet. She loves my James Avery bracelet, but let’s be real, she’s three and does not need her very own sterling silver bracelet for at least a few more years! So if you want to make a cute little charm bracelet, I am going to show you how!

I used to-go containers from a restaurant. My husband is the GM at a restaurant so he can bring me these home any time…if you don’t have a restaurant supply at your fingertips, you could use shrinky dink material from a local craft store (or wash your to-go container from dinner last night!). I simply cut the bottom of the container where it is flat and usable.

After stamping your images onto paper (any paper, scrap paper, card stock, printer paper-it does not matter!), trace your image onto your plastic with a sharpie.

I chose to color mine in, but you don’t have to, whatever floats your boat!

Next, carefully cut them out (this is the hardest part) and do.not.forget. to add a hole in each one. They will not be charms if you forget and it is literally impossible to punch the hole after you bake! ((note, your colors will become more vibrant after baking so don’t freak out if they look really light!))

Now bake your charms! ((In an oven set at 325 for 1-3 min, seriously, don’t walk away…just watch them shrink and when they are laying flat again, they are done.))

Then I added them to a chain…

I added little beads in between each one for added interest. And let me tell you, my daughter was so excited!

I will say, she was slightly concerned about the “pooper scooper” on her bracelet, but once I assured her that it was a magic mirror, she loved it even more! Happy stamping, y’all!


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