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Hello! Liz here again. Today, I’m gonna share this week’s layout in my social media planner. I use this planner to keep track of all of the pictures that I want to post to instagram, any necessary Ink Road Stamps DT projects that I need to work on, and things to schedule for my blog. I started this layout by working with the Block Party Alphas in a light pink spelling out ‘Insta’, ‘DT’, and ‘blog’. So that I can keep track of specific things, I separated each topic on its own row. stamping, instagram, social media, planner

Then I used a dark turquoise with the Block Party Alpha Outlines to give my headers a graphic punch. For the second half of the week, I used the #beautifulmess stamp set. Using the push pins as bullet points for my weekend task list. I also added #paperlove and the heart pen for that added extra bit of fun! Then sticking with my color scheme of teal and red-violet, I added some matching stickers to round everything out. As I go through my week, I can double check that I’m meeting my personal and professional goals in the variety of social media platforms that I use. For me, the social media aspect of the creative community is the most important. Most of my friends and family don’t get my love of planners, paper crafts, stamping, etc. So the creative communities I’ve found through social media mean a lot to me because I’m “surrounded” by like minded individuals. I love sharing with others who are just as thrilled and excited about these things as I am! 🙂

#beautifulmess, ink road stamps, planner, stamping

Now that it’s all complete, I’m ready to tackle my week, crush all of the projects I’ve got due, and keep up with the creative community on Instagram and my blog!


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