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A Look at “Frond of You” Stamp Set by Samantha

September 3, 2017

Whoever Said Leaves Had to Be Green?

Hello… This is Samantha, and it’s my first blog write up for The Ink Road!! (YAY!!)

I’m super excited to be sharing these two cards with you! When I got my little black box (via snail mail to Australia) I couldn’t wait to start… but I should admit I was also a little nervous because until that day I’d never used an Ink Road stamp before. (Gasp! I know…) So I was quite interested in how these beautifully designed stamps would perform.

I already had my card idea planned out and I knew that I wanted to use the Frond of You stamp set. I also knew that just because it’s a leaf doesn’t mean that it needs to be green! So with my stamp set and colours all picked out, I started stamping! The technique I chose for these cards I believe is called the ‘rock n roll’ stamp technique – it’s certainly my version of it anyways. The first card below was purely a test run for the stamps – I loved stamping with them. Definitely a high quality stamp, easy to clean, no dramas following the very cute stamping instructions Lara has added to the back of her packaging! The second card I wanted to play around with colours a little more and decided to make a video of the process which you can also view below.

I really enjoy using this technique—it’s a great (and easy) way to add a variety of colour to a block stamp like these leaves. This technique can definitely be done without a stamping tool (such as the M.I.S.T.I.), and there are a few tutorials out there if you wish to try it out.

That’s all from me today—my daily dose of inspiration using Frond of You!

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