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Magically Majestic MINI Plans with Liz

October 17, 2017

Hey y’all! It’s Liz here with a super magical and fun planner spread in my MINI Happy Planner®! The girls on The Ink Road Stamps design team constantly blow me away with their creative card making and scrapbooking talents, so they are definitely the inspiration for this layout. 🙂 A few of the girls have been adding sequins, enamel dots, etc. to their projects, and I’m IN LOVE with that idea! So, I decided the best way to get started with that was to use the Magical AF stamp set in this week’s plans.

I started by laying some fun rainbow holographic crescent moon and spotted washi. Then I added a few stickers, but I kept it pretty minimal to keep from overwhelming the small space of my planner.

Now the fun part! Since Monday’s are so not my favorite day of the week, I stamped the phrase “I would personally like to congratulate you for getting out of bed today” on top of the blue sticky note. It’s little things like this phrase that make Monday’s that much more enjoyable. I then stamped “Freakin’ majestic” in the bottom right corner under the “word of the week” and using the smaller of the two unicorn stamps, I stamped her on Wednesday.

Using a very soft pink, purple, and aqua color, I added a few of the dotty elements from the stamp set around the unicorn making sure to slightly overlap some of them for added dimension. I applied a few pink and gold glitter enamel elements in a scattered fashion. Because when I think of unicorns, I think sparkles, glitter, and pretty things! 🙂 Then using the fine tip of the Tombow Mono Aqua glue, I glued the sequins down.

Once that was dry, I wan’t happy with the lack of shine my sequins had. So, I applied enough of the clear glue on top of each sequin to completely cover them. This glue is really great because it gives you a crystal clear, hard finish once dry (I set mine somewhere no one would mess with it). Now, my sequins have a mirror like finish which just adds to the overall magic feel of this planner spread!




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