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May The Force Be With This Card with Señor Gleason

December 20, 2019

Hello All! Happy Episode 9 day!!!

I am back to day with a card that I am so excited to bring you this card from a galaxy far, far away. Warning: I will be adding probably too many geeky references. Just a warning. Today the latest installment of Star Wars is released and I will either be inconsolably happy or… inconsolably… pissed. Its just the last one was just sooo goo… Sorry. I lost myself. Back to the card!

Today we will be using the Droid Please stamp set. Which I have been saving for a day such as this. So lets get into it! Punch it chewy!!!

2086FBCF-CEB7-4B87-AF62-EF8BCA8B18FEStart off by creating that light speed background. On a black piece of card stock use a stencil like I did and then heat emboss it after.  If you do not have a stencil that you bought specifically for this card cuz you are obsessed with star wars like I am. You can also use a white pen and make some fast swipes moving in a circular motion towards the edges of your card. Either will give your card a light speed lewk.


Next we will start stamping all of the images. Using the rebel logo as the focal point. Then stamp a bunch of the light sabers in your chosen colors. If you use the once inch cube you can stamp the handles with black and the saber part with either red, green, or blue. If you are making this card for a fan of the series please stick to red, blue, or green light sabers. They applaud your efforts but judge your lack of knowledge. The Rebel logo is also in red, almost always. You will get point for authenticity!!!


Time for you to get to cutting! Or you can also use your electric cutting machine, but that is the path to the dark side. On a side note LEAVE THE MIDDLES OF THE LIGHT SABERS WHITE! The white middle of the light sabers were excellently planned since they almost identically resemble the on screen design!

Once the Images are cut get to foam taping. You want to remember to alternate the light sabers in color and distances from the center just for visual interest. Now you are ready to select the sentiment, and choose wisely (oops that was a different George Lucas movie). Add foam tape to the sentiment and layer id to give more dimension to your card. Finish off the card with some shiny Flat Back Half Beads- Rachel Pearl embellishments and call them thermal detonators! If you have used the force your card should appear as so:

9E114DB5-7CE4-4EE1-8A88-532BABA66221Well If you have made it this far you deserve a prize! Input Oliver10 at check out and save! Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me! I was so excited to use this set and share with you all! If you have any other questions or comments about the making of this card, or just want to discuss who shot first… Please find me on any of my socials!

May the force be with you,

-Señor Gleason

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