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September 1, 2017

Hello Everyone !

My Name is Shi Ying (Shing), 24 years old and I’m from Singapore. Being a student in Singapore comes with a lot of pressure and stress from studies so, I like doing crafty things to “de-stress” myself. Besides crafting, I like to daydream, eat, sleep, eat and youtube binge. HAHA the lazy life for me!

Besides scrapbooking, I do pocket letters, project life, planning and DIY embellishments. I love inspiring others and I’m excited to be working with all the other talented ladies in the ink road stamps design team ! 🙂

I always dreamt of having my own craft room and table! It was only until Sept 2016 that I finally got to move into a new house and have my very first craft room. Although it is very cluttered at the moment, the organisation set up is very useful for me. Stamps and embellishments are very reachable! Which only means…. more play time !!!



I am always fascinated by scrapbooking as a kid, but it was too expensive for me to afford any of the scrapbooking items here in Singapore. It was until I got into Polytechnic (High school), landed myself a part time job and made my very first scrapbook layout in 2015! Promise me you won’t laugh okay? Eeek!

I have no idea what I was doing back then but plonking down everything on the layout seemed so normal ! haha! Curious to see how’s my current style and “masterpieces”? TADA !!! Here it is !! ^^

I have to say I’ve grown so much since then thanks to all the crafty girls on the internet! So many ladies inspire me and motivate me to do better each time!

Here’s Where to Find Me! : 



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