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Meet the Design Team: Florencia Andersen

July 23, 2017
Design Team: Florencia Andersen

Today we welcome to our team another talented crafter, Florencia.

Hi there! Nice to meet you.

My name is Florencia and I live in Argentina. I really love my country, especially my city. I love Buenos Aires, it really is a city of which I’m proud. I live with my family and my turtle, the protagonist of most of my projects.

I’m a big fan of seeing series, it’s something that can’t be absent in my holidays or free time. I love travelling too, it’s one of my great passions along with scrapbooking. The latter is a hobby that I try to do always that I can. I love all about it, convey the feelings to paper is like being dreaming with your hands. I discovered it 3 years ago and now I can’t be more hooked.

I’m so excited to be here with so many talented ladies, I hope you like my work and we can learn together about this wonderful hobby.

Meet the Design Team - Florencia Andersen

The truth is that I don’t have a craft room, just a table on my desk that I use to create my projects. So I have nothing interesting to show you, only to tell you how I organize my things.

It isn’t very complicated, I simply separate my materials into bowls (one for embellishments, another for wood veneers, another for little papers from old works, another for enamel dots packs, etc.) so for me it’s easier to find my stuff.

I hope one day to have my own craft room to be more comfortable and to be able to inspire me better. My ideal scraproom would be very big, with large windows, at least two tables and painted all white to then fill it with my projects and creations. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

This is a layout I made such a long time ago. It’s not the first one, but yes one of my very first steps. I still see it and I don’t dislike it, I would probably change some things but I don’t dislike so it’s a good sign, right?

Since I started, my step by step has been the same: first I select the papers and the photo that I’m going to use, and then I put all the embellishments on hand so I can choose them whenever I want and not have to go to my stash during the creative process. I think I’ve improved so much, but I still have the same style and I like it. In fact, sometimes I think some of my old projects are better than the current ones. Not all, of course LOL.

I think now I’m more obsessed with finding the “perfect embellishment” or the “perfect paper” when I do a project. Clearly that doesn’t exist, but you know what I mean. I also think I’m still halfway there and a lot of time is left to being the artist I really want to be.

I consider my current style as fresh and bright. If I have to “classify it,” I would put it inside the Clean & Simple works. Definitely I’m NOT my best fan, I always want to correct something of my creations because I want something “WOW!” but I try to always give the best of me in every project.


You can find Florencia on her social media links below.

We are very excited to welcome her to the Ink Road family.

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