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Meet the Design Team: Kira Ness

July 21, 2017
Design Team: Kira Ness

Today we are meeting Kira, another amazingly talented crafter that will create some gorgeous masterpieces with the Ink Road stamps this year.

Hello all! I’m Kira.

A little about me: I am a NW girl and recent San Antonio transplant.  We’ve been here two months, and its hot.  Really hot.  So I like to hide in my air conditioned craft space creating pretty things.  I am married to my best friend, and we have two boys (ages 3 and 1 ½).  We spend a lot of our free time together exploring our new city and state—I had never even visited Texas before we moved here!  And any other free time I have I spend crafting.  My favorite crafts at the moment are scrapbooking, project life, and snail mail.  And I love creating with every color, except purple. I hate purple.

Meet the Design Team - Kira Ness

My current craft space is a small corner in my master bedroom. Since we recently moved, we are living in an apartment temporarily while we house hunt in our new city. It’s small but functional. I love having a standing level desk because I find it keeps me more productive. But I am in desperate need of more table space. I would love a “command center” type craft room space, where I would have a U-shape of long desks so I could spread out to my heart’s content. But then, you know, it would never get cleaned.

Having a small space means I have to clean up after every project. One of my favorite ways to stay organized is keeping small bits and pieces in tiny bowls. So if I decide to put a project on hold I can set the bowl of goodies aside and pull out another project and put all its corresponding goodies in a separate bowl.

I started on my creative journey in July 2016 after deciding to hand make my husband an anniversary gift. (Full disclosure:  my husband’s gift took backseat after I started on this creative venture. Oops.)  I started looking on Pinterest for creative ways to make mail (it went with the theme I was going for with his gift). And I stumbled upon this whole snail mail community on Instagram. So I created an Instagram account and posted my first project.  And people liked it!  And wanted to be my pen pal!  I met Mary as a pen pal and we became besties almost instantly.

In October we decided to start a YouTube channel together to share our crafty creations and she convinced me to start scrapbooking. I have been hooked ever since!  I look at this photo and wonder why people thought it was good, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

I am not sure how I would describe my style. I love paper, and pattern, and color. I am currently on a hand stitching kick. But being relatively new to scrapbooking I find myself wanting to try #allthethings!  Except mixed media. I tried that. We don’t get along.


You can check more of Kira’s work at her social media links below:

  • Instagram: @kira.gets.crafty
  • YouTube channel Instagram: @createcraftrepeat
  • Facebook: Create Craft Repeat
  • Facebook Group: Create Craft Repeat Community
  • YouTube Channel: Create Craft Repeat
  • Pinterest: Create Craft Repeat

We definitely can’t wait to see how she will incorporate our stamps in her beautiful projects.

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