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Meet the Design Team: Mary Garcia

July 25, 2017
Design Team: Mary Garcia

I hope you are enjoying the Design Team introduction posts so far. It’s really fun to learn new things about all these talented ladies. Now let’s continue and meet another scrapbooker from our team, Mary!



I’m Mary and I’m super duper excited to be joining the design team alongside these amazing and talented ladies here at Ink Road Stamps. Here are 10 things about me:

  1. I dream creatively. My most inspiring thoughts wake me up in the mornings. I had a pre-wedding dream and woke my soon-to-be husband up sleep talking about Styrofoam balls and Lake Tahoe. No joke. We’ve been married for almost 13 years and have been together for 17!  High school sweethearts baby!
  2. I love chocolate chip cookies. If you put peanut butter in any baked goods, I won’t eat it no matter how much I love you. However, peanut butter candies in a sugar cookie base are okay.
  3. Since we’re on the topic of food… hot food and cold food can’t touch. Unless they’re meant to go together like sour cream and tacos. I really need my own set of cafeteria lunch trays.
  4. My first love is for the fine arts. I spent two years in college taking art until I grew up a little and realized that wouldn’t make me much money and decided to become a paralegal instead. Now I make no money being a stay at home mom to my two rotten children who I love and are the funniest creatures alive. Wouldn’t have it any other way!
  5.  I really enjoy a good pun.
  6.  I love inspiring other women. I want to be a part of lifting people up and break the chains of putting one another down.
  7.  You’ll see scrapbooking layouts, project life, as well as bible journaling and maaaaybe even a traveler’s notebook project from me in the future. And whatever else becomes on trend because I am that person. Except planners. I am too right brained for a planner.
  8. My husband says I’m a social butterfly… I think I’m more like an annoying moth… You be the judge.
  9. My husband and I are co-pastors of a small church in a small town that does big things!  I also play the guitar and lead worship on Sunday mornings.
  10. I was born and raised in Washington state. I love the mountains, the water, the trees, the ferns, the moss, the wet, and the cold. I moved to the other side of the state almost seven years ago where none of that exists. (Okay I’m exaggerating…) To say it’s been a struggle would be an understatement, but I have truly learned to see beauty in the desert.
Meet the Design Team - Mary Garcia

Okay!!  So on to the really good stuff. Here’s where I craft:

It’s vintage meets modern meets industrial meets girly. Totally eclectic and just my personality. I’m right off the kitchen and my monkeys have two little desks on the other side of the room. I love sharing my space with my kiddos!

I’m very OCD when it comes to organizing, so it took me MONTHS to design a space that functioned for me. I made a blueprint of the space with some graph paper and cut tiny little rectangles of every.single.ikea.piece.of.office.furniture. Just so I could rearrange and fit ALL THE THINGS in my space. <<See? OCD. <<

Also I needed my own command center… like one you’d find on a space ship… that would be my ideal desk. I’ll just swivel all day long while I play with my pretty things.

Want to see my very first layout ever?  Brace yourself because no matter how I edit this sucker, it’s still… Well, it’s pretty in its own unique way.

Meet the Design Team - Mary Garcia

I’m so glad that’s done with. This was our honeymoon album, and I have kept it exactly how I created it because I love looking back to see how young Mary saw the world. Old Mary can use that reminder from time to time. I used to only create double page spreads and pack as many pictures as I could on one page. Did anyone else create double page spreads?  I might have to revisit that in the near future.

But practice makes better!  Here are some of my recent layouts:

As the trends have changed over the years, so have I (refer back to number 7). My layouts are much more embellishment-heavy now that there are more pretty products on the market. I have also fully embraced the inner artist in me with usually some form of mixed media on my layouts.

If you want to see more from me you can find me on:


I don’t know about you but I just can’t stop staring and the beautiful colors in her layouts! Let’s give her a warm welcome to the team <3.

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