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No-sew, no-hang curtains!

May 11, 2017
DIY No-Sew, No-Hang Curtains

If you’re a renter like me, take a moment to compose yourself.

I finally found a way to hang curtains HOLE FREE!  My curtains were a little too short for my taste as well, so I extended them without a sewing machine.  Ahem, if anyone wants to buy me this sewing machine, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

  1. Lay out your curtains and fabric.  You’ll want to lay the curtain edge on TOP of the fabric edge (the fabric will be behind your curtain when you hang it).  Grab your ((( Dritz 44153 Unique Stitch Fabric Glue, 1.25 oz ))) and glue them together. Wait 30 minutes for it to dry before picking them up.PS: IT TOTALLY WORKED OMGGGG!!!
  2. You can do this part while you wait for your fabric glue to dry.  Walk around to the other side of your curtains where the top part is (the part you would normally hang on a curtain rod).  Get a somewhat hard surface if you aren’t doing this on a table. (I do A LOT on the floor… I just like the floor!)  Get your ((( Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips, Large (24 Pair)))) ready.  I used 5 large ones per panel, placed sideways to cover more of the curtain’s surface area – therefore more stickiness to use attaching to the wall.  Press each strip down on the curtain for 30 seconds.
  3. You’re done!  Time to hang.  Peel off the other side of the command strip and press hard for 30 seconds against the wall (yep, I had to stand on a chair!).  Do this for all 10 strips until your curtains look the way you want.
  4. This is how the bottom would look close up (if you did extend your curtains as well).

All done! This took me about 2 hours total. Tip: busy fabric disguised my TOTALLY crooked cutting job. You’ll need to measure from the bottom of your curtain to the floor – I like my curtains to “pool” a little on the floor so I cut a bit longer than my measurement. Here’s everything you’d need:

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