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May 21, 2017
Ink Road Office Makeover

This has been about a 6 month process which is weird for me.  When I get a bee in my bonnet I GET IT DONE.  But I wanted to do this right, keep my budget small and use items that I had in my house already, AND KonMari (simplify) my craft stash.  (My craft stash took up a bedroom before this.  Just sitting there.  Collecting sad sad dust.)

I’ll explain bits here and there with each photo.  MEGA thanks to my sister in law who built my furniture and contributed several brilliant ideas to the big gorgeous picture.  Thanks to my mom as well, who trekked to IKEA with me in the rain.


We used the office for some prime selfie pics with the epic ring light!

You can also see Moose, my Boston terrier, with a pile of orders headed out.  For my inventory storage, I was using chest of drawers from Walmart.  They lived as long a life as chest of drawers from Walmart possibly can – the bottoms fell out due to the weight (I think you’re only supposed to store pillows, t-shirts, or small hamsters in them).  You’ll see my solution below!

AFTER: (omg whew…)

(Cue angels singing…)


Wrapping Station

For your Ink Road Stamps orders.  SO pleased with how this came out, so organized and everything I need within arm’s reach.

Craft Stash

They’re confused when I’m not taking photos of them.  This is my new craft stash!  If it doesn’t fit in my shelves, I don’t buy it or need it.  My Silhouette and Minc are up top!

  • Shelf: Walmart 2 years ago (here it is on Amazon)
  • Grey bin: Walmart 2 years ago (here’s a similar one)
  • Photo boxes: Amazon
Ink Road Office Makeover

I have to tell you the story behind this shadow box.  It’s moved with me from Seattle to the Midwest because it was one of the very first things that made me realize – oh my gosh, paper crafting is COOL again and SO PRETTY and HOLY CRAP!

I joined the Creative Exchange hosted by Dunne with Style a few years ago.  While everyone is prepping their pretty packages to send to their partners, she would post little peeks and previews on the @dunnewithstyle Instagram.  I saw these and my little paper loving heart HAD A COW.  It was so beautiful and creative and PINK and GOLD and BLACK and all of my favorite things.  I put it out of my mind, that couldn’t possibly be a peek from MY partner, and stalked my mailbox for my exchange package.

You know where this is going… I opened it the day it arrived AND THAT AMAZING PACKAGING WAS MINE!  ALLLLL MINE TO HAVE FOREVER!  Whaaaat.  It was a that little spark of awe that helped me decide to launch Ink Road.  The rest was history.  But it will always hang in my office wherever it happens to be.  The paper crafting magician behind it?  The darling Missy.  Go follow her on Instagram!


This was my sister in law’s clever idea!  I had my Rubbermaid drawers stacked in this weird little hallway that leads nowhere and it looked okay.  Neat and tidy and with the clear bins I could actually FIND my inventory vs the other drawers from Walmart that gave up on life anyway.  She suggested a shower curtain rod and long curtains from IKEA – as well as this gorgeous copper lined lamp shade (splurge!).  I can’t take any credit for this little area – it was all her!  How fab right???  So when you place an order, I wander over here to pull your items!

This little corner is where I pin my stamp inspiration/ideas.  I like to physically see/hold/make edits.  Or just stare until it looks right… (or wrong and gets scrapped!)

Vision Board

My vision board!  I’ve never made one before, but my lovely friend Sonja had some girls over a few weeks ago to try it out.  SO FUN.

Thus ends the office makeover tour!  But here are a few more photos BECAUSE I CAN… (P.S. Behind the scenes – this ring light is everything.  If you take photos in your house for ANY reason – get one.)

XO Lara

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