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Hello Everyone! It’s Shi Ying (Shing) back again with another exciting embellishment idea that you can DIY easily at home! Today we are making DIY Flag embellishments which you can add to your planners as a bookmark or even send happy mail to your friends! All you need is :

  1. Patterned Papers / Scrap papers
  2. Scissors / Paper Trimmer
  3. Paper Clips
  4. Glue, Sticky tape
  5. Inks and Coloring materials
  6. Embellishments (Stickers or Tiny Words) (Optional)
  7. Strings (Optional)
  8. Ink Road Stamp Sets !!!! (Blended Stamp SetSwanderful Stamp Set and the Majestic AF Stamp Set.)

Firstly, take a piece of patterned paper or scrap paper and cut it to (Width x Length) 1.5″ X 5″, this is the “base” of your flag embellishments.

Next, Fold the longer side in half. Take your scissors and cut a triangle out of the width to make it look like a flag banner. Then, I would refold the folded area to make the back “strip” visible (the blue part in the above picture). Slide your folded flag banner into your chosen paper clip 🙂

Then take your glue or sticky tape and glue the two folded pieces together. Now you have a proper banner!

Lastly, you just need to stamp your images down onto a cardstock, start colouring and cutting them out ! 🙂  You can choose to add more embellishments or tiny words or strings to your Flag banners. As you can see, I used various stamp sets such as the Blended Stamp SetSwanderful Stamp Set and the Majestic AF Stamp Set. Of course, you can use other Inkroad stamp sets to create these wonderful and easy paperclips flag banners for yourself or your friends!

This is how mine looks like in my planner along with the goals page in my previous project using Inkroad stamps too this month! Don’t forget to check it out too! 🙂 Have fun playing with Ink road stamps!


Shi ying (Shing)

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