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Pattern Play in the Bible with Natalie

June 5, 2018

Hello, friends!

Natalie here today with a Bible Journaling layout using the Full Circle stamp set to create tons of pattern!

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To create my pattern, I masked the word ‘forgive” onto the page before stamping. I started with the lightest color ink and worked my way to the darker.

I had inspiration from the Illustrated Faith tip in strip for my colors, so when the masked word didn’t show up as well as I had hoped, I used the navy accent to highlight the word.

The small navy circles and heart are also from the Full Circle set, this collection is so versatile.

Typically the tilt-ins are tilted into a page from the side, but I chose to attach my strip from the top so as to be able to see the decorated portion alongside the strip.

A tip for creating a full page pattern with multiple stamps is to keep it from becoming too uniform. I randomly stamped each patterned, and made sure to hang some randomly from the sides of the page, as well as rotated them.

I suggest using bits around you to develop your own color patterns for projects. Magazines, journaling prompts, books and other aesthetically pleasing, non-crafting sources are great sources of inspiration.

I hope you’re inspired to grab your IRS patterned stamps and fill a page with amazing pattern.


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