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Quick Backgrounds For Future Cards

November 18, 2019


Hi Roadies!! Lorena here going background crazy on today’s blog post! I’m making multiple backgrounds to have for future projects. Sometimes life gets busy and we don’t have enough time to color or make an entire card… so I planned on doing some gold heat embossing with some ink blending. I had so much fun doing this I ended up with 10 backgrounds for future cards! Let’s get started!

I’ll be using the Daisie Background stamp for all of my panels today. As soon as I got my hands on this gorgeous stamp I knew I wanted to gold heat emboss this beauty. I prepped my cut card stock pieces(4.25″ x 5.5″) using anti static powder making sure I went over the entire sheet.

Since this is a large and very detailed background stamp I decided not to use a block or my stamp platform. I find with these big stamps I always get the best results laying the stamp on its back with the impression face up and laying the paper over it and applying pressure with my hand. To do this I stuck my stamp onto my glass media mat that way it wouldn’t move and I can easily stamp multiple sheets. It’s important not to move the paper once you’ve placed it over the stamp so you have to get the position right the first time. It helps to start off in a corner side and lay it down evenly.

Since the stamp is only 4″ wide this left a strip on one side of my card stock which made it prefect for holding the paper while I coat with embossing powder and heat emboss. Once I coated everything with gold detail embossing powder I tapped off the access and warmed up my heat gun before taking it to my card stock. Having that warm up time helps prevent warping.

Once the embossing was cool, I wiped off any static powder that remained with a clean cloth. Next step is ink blending! You can totally leave the backgrounds as is. They look gorgeous with just that gold heat embossing but I wanted to take it up a notch. You can see the difference and glow the ink blending adds in this picture. Both pieces are the light pink card stock but the one on the left has the ink blended detail. Since we started off with colored card stock you won’t need to add as much ink and work as hard. For the pink one I only used one ink color for the shading and for the lilac I used two colors.

I used the Compliments Volume 1 set for both sentiments on my cards. I heat embossed the sentiments using the same gold detail embossing powder.

I used a thin sharpie pen to color in the letters after the heat embossing had cooled. I glued down my panels onto white card bases and popped up the sentiments using foam tape.

For some added sparkle I used the Becca Ice gems on the purple card and the flat back half beads in Mari Pink for the pink card. I hope you like these cards and try this technique. You can try so many color combos or stamp your own background with smaller stamps would also be fun! Until next time roadies, have an awesome day! -Lorena Curnutte

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