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Quick Cards for Business with Mary

January 20, 2018

Hi friends!  Mary here and I’m back with a quick project for you!  I wanted to show you how you can use your craft supplies to amp up your A-game if you are a #bossbabe like me!

In December I did something that is way out of character for me.  Not only did I make my own cards (ha!) but I started my own home-based business selling anti-aging, natural-based hair care systems.  Now if you know me well…you would know that I’m in my PJ’s or LuLaRoe leggings most days with my hair up in a messy bun and maybe wear make-up once a month so the fact that I am not selling a beauty product is completely ironic to my character.  However I believe in taking care of my body and hair in a healthy way, without harsh chemicals, so in that regard maybe this shampoo gig isn’t so far out of character for me.  😉

Anyway I needed a quick cards to send samples out and shop owner, Lara, has an eye for all things #basic so her “Bun Intended” stamp set and sentiments from the “Compliments Vol. 1 & 2” sets were exactly what I needed to give that special “Mary” touch to my new clients.

I used some blank cards I had picked up from my local craft store, Michaels, which came in a set of 60 for $5.  It was almost as if they were made to do mixed media on!  So a few smooshes of Shimmerz sprays with the packaging technique over the top of my white embossed stamping was all these babies needed.  To make them really sparkle, I added some SpiegelMom Scraps sequins.

Unfortunately not all of the card bases are the same but I made due with new designs and I really like how the rest turned out!

For the solid gold card bases I used black Staz-on ink…that stuff doesn’t lie!  It really staz-on…it staz-on the stamp…it staz-on the card…it staz-on my sock when I lose the ink pad from the lid and it falls on the floor and I accidentally step on it and it staz-on the rug when I never realize I stepped on an ink pad…and it staz-on my linoleum when I get up to grab a cup of coffee STILL not realizing I have PERMANENT INK ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOT !!!!

Here’s a hint: rubbing alcohol gets Staz-on ink out of socks, rugs, and linoleum.  Also a magic eraser and baking soda…

For the last set I used a gold glitter embossing powder.   I would tell you that these are my fav’s but I think the other girls would be a little jealous 😉

These turned out so simple and yet so beautiful which is just the message I want to come across from someone receiving a card with shampoo samples from little ole me.

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Hope you found some inspiration for some simply beautiful cards.

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