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Quick & Easy Word Search Background with Khristina

September 13, 2018

Happy Thursday! I am back today with another traveler’s notebook spread for my son’s traveler’s notebook. If you haven’t seen my inserts already, they are kept pretty basic. Each of my three children has one of his/her own. Inside, I document some of the smaller stories that just don’t require all of the real estate as a whole scrapbook page but still play an important part of their individual everyday story. Each spread includes a letter written to that child and signed by me talking about what the memory has meant or what part of their developing personality that it speaks to for me.

Over the summer, my youngest son became obsessed with word searches. (*Note: Yes, this is the same kiddo that plays the Game of Life to collect “All the Babies” so you have been getting to know him a little already.) Every night before bed, he wanted to spend time completing these puzzles and often wanted mom to play along too! His favorite are sports themed puzzles because he is just such an athlete already.

I knew that I wanted to recreate a word search background for my traveler’s notebook spread and this seemed like a job requiring my stamp platform and the Block Party Alpha. Using a tool like that to line up the letters and get the spacing just right was a huge time saver and let me change ink colors frequently throughout the background design. I used a gray ink to show the random letters and the colored ink for to the words that were “found.”

After I completed all of the stamping on both pages of my traveler’s notebook spread, I kept the embellishing pretty simple and added by signature letter to my son along the bottom where the pop of colored patterned paper was added.

The font on this Block Party Alpha was absolutely perfect for the word search feel that I wanted to create. I love alphabet stamps because they are just so versatile and seem to be sets that I come back to again and again. Do you use a lot of alphabet stamps? I would love to see projects that you have created with the Block Party Alpha (or any other alpha stamp set) so make sure to tag me when you share your work so that I can check it out.



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