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Rated M Spork Card with Señor Gleason rated M for Mature!

April 18, 2020

Hello All!

Today I am bringing you a mature themed baby congratulations card. I used a few different stamp set to achieve the final look. These stamp sets include Spork, OKURRRR, and Bloom Where You Are Planted stamp sets. This card contains a dirty word so consider this your warning! Now let’s get to it!


I created this card using stamp masking. This means you will need to block a portion of the image so that you will not create an overlap. In order to do this you will need to stamp on something like a sticky note, then cut out the image. Then you can stamp, then cover the image you just stamped and rest amp over the image to give the image an overlapped look see example below.


Notice how the pink parts are covering the image below. Stamping like this is so that you can stamp over them so that those parts will not be inked. Repeat the process until card base is covered. I chose to do this process in various colors of ink.

4D6933E2-B4C2-4648-8249-B80BBF844606Next I cut out two circles for he main sentiment. One in black and one in vellum to layer underneath. I then heat embossed the sentiment from OKURRRR, and the flourishes from Bloom,  on to the black top circle. You can then attach the tw circles to get her and set them aside. Now you can get back to the background. I cut down them lil’ babies so that I could layer them on to some patterned paper and create a boarder. Next you can attach the main sentiment and figure out your embellishments. You know I love me some sparkle! I chose to use the Deluxe Flat Back Half Gems- Angie Rainbow to finish off this card. So what do you think?


Well, now you have a completed card! You can keep it for yourself or you can leave it on a park bench for some one to find! You could also give it to another foul mouthed mother friend you know! I hope you enjoyed this card! If you have any further questions about this card… Please contact me on any of my socials! If you have made it to the end you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out to save some coin! Thanks again!

-Señor Gleason

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