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RSVP, “NOPE.” Using Block Party Alpha Outlines With Señor Gleason

January 11, 2020

Hello all!, 

This week I am super excited to bring you a snarky little card made using the Block Party Alpha Outline set. Well to be perfectly honest we’re also going using the Block Party Alpha set as well… as well as the extras (Block Party Alpha outline Extras and Block Party Alpha Extras). I’m sorry y’all but I got another complicated card!… And I know what you’re thinking “why does suck a complicated card look so simple. Well to that I say “it takes a lot to look this cheap!’
For your viewing pleasure I have used the same faux 3-D effect for the back grounds of both cards. Once you have completed the back grounds you can place whatever sentiments you’d like in front of them. If you would like to see more examples you can check out my Christmas card blog. I used the same technique of meticulously placing first Block Party Alpha first. In  this case I chose the blue to lay down first because I wanted a faux 3-d lewk .

If you have both the Alpha Block party and block party Alpha extras (as I highly suggest you do! USE Oliver10 at check out!) It makes spelling longer words or words with more than one of the same letter much, MUCH easier. You can always just stamp one letter at a time… But I’m just not about that life.


Begin by choosing what you want to say… this is the full alphabet so you can pretty much spell anything you want! I decided to go with “NOPE.” Because if you are anything like me, you love getting invited to events only so that you can decline the invitation. Just me? So I wanted to make a card that I could send back to the wedding invite, the birthday party, the baptism, the sports game; so that the person inviting me will know for sure that “NOPE.” I will not be coming.

Once you have the solid lettersstamped out you can now que up those outlines. If you have already read my Christmas blog this is the part that will sound completely different! Instead of loading those letters up again and slightly offsetting them, you should line them up with a stamp block and then just eye ball them for the off set. 


I used a neon blue and neon red to not only make it pop but to also to (as previously stated) give it a faux 3-D look… I mean it might actually be 3-D who knows! If you have the old fashion red/blue 3-D glasses, test it out and report back! Go ahead and add the sentiment using the solid Block Party Alpha letters.   Now go ahead and make the card pretty! Add a frame and throw on some embellishments. I used Flat Back Half Beads Stephanie Onyx. If you have followed directions correctly your card should appear as so…


Now you can use this technique to complete a great number of cards this this card that you could anonymously leave for a coworker or anyone else you feel like being particularly snarky to!

B0C0F835-AD8C-4ADE-A151-0300E54101840E564D1B-001C-4D94-98E2-159F81775438Well that was fun y’all! If you made it this far you deserve a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out and save 10%! If you have any questions about the making of these cards please reach out to me on any of my socials linked somewhere on this very page! See you all soon!

-Señor Gleason

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