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Squad Ghouls

October 20, 2020

Hey Roadies, it’s Magy! Today I have a card featuring Ink Roads spooky squad from Boo Crew and a favorite ink blending technique.

Brady Brunching

How far can a ghostly float? I started by stamping my little boos vertically on one side then taped off about an inch or so to make sure I got that crispy edge when blending.

Ink blended galaxies are actually pretty easy to make. It’s all about placement. First, I blended blue and purple spots here and there, making it random. Then added black on the missed areas and went over the whole paper with the same black brush. Picked up my purple and blue and went over the same spots again to blend with the black.

Continue going back and forth, reblending all 3 colors (or however many you choose to blend with black) until it looks like beautiful mush then you spritz with water and dab off the excess.

Boo Crew enjoying the view

Using a 1 inch paint brush, I dipped the tip in white acrylic paint and flicked the bristles over my freshly made galaxy. You could use any brush, even a toothbrush, but I found the 1 inch brush easiest to use for splattering.

To finish up the card I added #squadghouls with foam tape, a bit of shadowing on the ghosties and adhered onto a black panel. Then dropped and left it alone. Haha! These backgrounds are simple to make but hard to stop tinkering with.

Can you believe October is nearly over? Take over the galaxy and pick up the Boo Crew with MAGALY10 before these little guys disappear.

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