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“Swanderfully Intended” Wellness Tracking with Liz

January 9, 2018

Hello again! Liz here as I share how I added some encouraging sentiments in my Wellness Planner. Before I dive into the Ink Road Stamp goodness, I’ll quickly explain what a wellness planner is. A wellness planner gives me a place to track my moods on a day-to-day basis, sleep habits, me time, how exercise makes me feel (happy, ok, etc. NOT calories, reps, etc.), and anything that doesn’t necessarily have a quantifiable amount but is needed from a mental health standpoint for me to be the best version of myself. With that in mind, I chose the Swanderful, Bun Intended, and Compliments Vol. 2 stamp sets to decorate this week.

Bun Intended, Compliments Vol 2

Starting with the messy bun girl stamp in the corner and adding the “In a world of 10’s, you’re a solid 11” sentiment layered on top, I then added a few of the hearts and dot stamps in varying shades of purple to match the pre-printed color scheme of the week.

Swanderful, Bun Intended

For the front half of the week, I started with the dots and hearts from the Bun Intended set and used various shades of purple in the top corner on Monday. I then used some washi tape to tape off below the divider line, so that I could make it appear like the swan from the Swanderful stamp set was floating on top of water like a lake or a river. Then I added the “swanderful” sentiment on top. I think that since the swan has her eyes closed that this will be where I track how I sleep that week using my watch, phone, and the Pillow app.

Bun Intended, Swanderful, Compliments Vol 2

To finish, I used a brush tip marker to hand letter the dates in and added a cute boho girl sticker. This was such a simple layout to do for my wellness planner, but it’s simply perfect and was therapeutic just decorating it! Hope you enjoyed my wellness planner layout! Are you using a self-care or wellness planner? Let us know below in the comments!


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