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Thanks for the Bella Florals with Señor Gleason

September 14, 2019

Hello all you card making crafty folks!

It is Señor Gleason here again with another card inspired by the hardest working stamp set on the Ink Road… The Bella Flora stamp set! I was also able to use the Cut File: Block Party Alpha which was my first time playing with cut files.

It’s funny where you can find inspiration for your artistic endeavors. My inspiration for this card is this circa 1940’s ceramic panther that my dad has on our mantle. I have no idea where he got it its always just sorta been there.

A friend and fellow card maker initially gave me the idea to emboss gold on black and I was immediately reminded of this statue I both love… and hate. Im happy I get most of my taste from my mom.  I love the gold surrounding the colors, set on a black background. From this panther I created this card.

I started with black card stock and embossed with gold embossing powder. Which leves you with a beautiful gold on black image.


Now my favorite part… the coloring of course! I find that if you are going to color or write on black paper the best pens in the business are Gelly Rolls! I used the Moonlight set which is full of bright neon colors! Now, you use whichever set you want to. Play around, use different color combinations, or even different gelly rolls. Most importantly you want colors that will clearly show up on black paper.

As you can see I got carried away….


This would be the time to affix your Image to the card base. When you’re finished with that it would be time to add your border. I use a cutting machine to make my boarders but you can just as easily use a die cutter to achieve the same effect. With these brightly colored images I wanted a very bright boarder to tie it all together. Once again… you choose… surprise me!


This is the most complicated part… it’s not that complicated. I guess if there was to be a complicated part this would be it. Go ahead and have your cutting machine to cut out those letters! After They are cut and separated from your machine you’re going to want to cut out thin pieces of that foam tape to attach to the back of those letters. So that they will appear to be floating above the images. I just kinda eye balled them and made adjustments as necessary. Though you might want to break out the ruler and do it much more professional than I would.

Ok guys this is it! The sprinkles on top! Today’s sprinkles are the  Flat Back Half Beads- Donna Pearls.

I was once told that while placing embellishments you should always place them in odd numbers and try to arrange them so that they make triangle constellations across your page. I have always used this rule and it has worked out pretty good for me! However, as always it is up to you. Get creative! When you are done placing  those pearls… or stones… or whatever you decided its time to admire. Now its time to clean up that mess that you undoubtedly made while creating his card!


Well, that was fun! As always if you have any questions please contact me on any of my various social medias. If you have not already gotten this set you can always use my coupon code Oliver10 at check out to save 10%! You wont regret it! Thank you so much! I cant wait to see what you all create!

-Señor Gleason

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