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This Stamp Set Is MAJESTIC AF! With Señor Gleason

October 5, 2019

Hello All!

I’m back back back again with a card using the Majestic AF stamp set! As anyone that is familiar with my work knows that I love me some unicorns! I think that it is a symptom of being a preschool teacher and working with the coolest four year old girls on the planet! (Shout out to the twins!!) For this reason I am very excited to share this card with you all!


I created this stamp playing with alcohol inks. Now I know there are many alcohol inks out on the market so it of course is absolutely up to you to use your preference. I used the ranger brand alcohol inks and their glossy card stock as a base. But first a word of warning… As I and you will quickly find out, alcohol inks have a mind of their own! They also react differently on every type of paper that ranger offers. So they will not always do what you would like them to do and a lot of it is pure experimentation/play. It might take you a while to get a result that you like.  You will however learn something new every time you start dropping it on the paper.


After you’ve gotten a result that you like go ahead and set that to the side and let dry, don’t worry they dry fast. In the mean time you can start prepping that unicorn for the center! You can go ahead and break out the 110lbs card stock since there is very little watercolor to be used.  I used some gold embossing powder because I wanted to keep the color palette very simple white, black, gold, and pink. I think a limited color palette really makes the few colors used stand out.


Once you’ve got her embossed you can go ahead and add color. I used watercolor but once again you can use whatever your weapon of choice is. Or you can even leave it white as the gold embossing looks great on its own. But you know I just love to be extra soooo I made her all shades of golds!

After you have gotten her painted for the gods we can move on to the… hardest part of all cards for me… the sentiment!

I really wanted it to just say “Majestic AF” because… aren’t we all just majestic AF? So in order to do this I used the Block Party Alpha Cut File because I wanted the sentiment to fit! So once I got it small enough I let my electronic cutting machine do its job. I also cut out a oval (measuring roughly 3.25” x 2.5”) on some black glitter card stock because I am also fancy AF. Now once you’ve got all your pieces assembled you can grab those foam squares and start assembly!


Now grab those Flat Back Half Beads-Donna Pearls and go to town! AHHH don’t forget to add that black glitter card stock boarder (not pictured) to finish it all off! And there you have it… a MAJESTIC AF unicorn card! No you can give it to your most majestic of friends or keep if for yourself as a reminder that you’re majestic AF everyday!


Thanks again for joining me on this magical journey! Remember to use code Oliver10 at check out to save 10%! If you have any questions about the making of this card or just wanna see what I’m up to find me on any of my various social media accounts. Till next time!

-Señor Gleason

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