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Totally Rad Retro Boombox Card with Señor Gleason

November 16, 2019

Hello All!

Today I am totally excited to bring you a retro inspired card using the Boom Box stamp set! This was one of those sets that I saw and…Immediately knew that it would need to me mine. As a child of the 80’s this set tugged at my nostalgic heart and I knew I needed to make a card that would be worthy of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.


So as always Get to stampin’! This set has some great choices yet my favorite were the boom box and cassette tape. This time I colored the images with liquid watercolor.  As always color the images with your preferred method of color. Remember the type of paper you choose is very important. If you use any coloring process that involves water you really should use a watercolor paper so that it will absorb water properly.


Once those Images are colored set them aside and get ready for the fun part… Or the part that I hate the most… splatter painting. I was one of those kids that just didn’t like the messiness of splatter painting… and to this day I still do not. Having that said… ugh it just looks sooooooo cool! I splattered neon acrylic paint on to 110lbs card stock. The reason I used acrylic is because I wanted them to sit on top of each other and not blend together. And just to be sure I grabbed my trusty Heat tool and dried each layer. In this case you can card stock since acrylic paint will sit on top of the card stock and not absorb like watercolor.

215700C3-F4B1-4B79-B69E-C987F7656BD6I then Just added a frame with the most 80’s style holographic pattern paper that I could find! Once you hace that completed you can attach to a card base and begin setting your images.

I chose that music is life sentiment because it once again reminded me of the trapper keepers of the time! Using some neon green embossing powder I  embossed the sentiment in keeping with the neon theme.  Yet I was also thinking that you could also incorporate any of the sentiments from the Musical Decade Vol. 1 set since they are all great lyrics from the boom box decades! Now break out the Foam tape and give her some layes and dont forget to polish her up with some great embellishments! This time I went with Flat Back Half Beads- Stephanie Onyx. I know not pears this time! I’m full of surprises huh! And look at that you’ve got a Card!


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