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Tough As Magnolias Card with Señor Gleason

November 30, 2019

Hello All!

I am here today to present you with one of my favorite stamp sets so far; The Magnolias set. Here are some of the best sentiments that have ever been uttered on stage or screen! are you ready for it?! Let’s get stamping!

D6AE0A8B-11EF-4FA9-B46A-EA45E018B697Usually I recommend  to stamp and then emboss your images first… however this time I wanted to again use colored pencils gamsol technique to color the magnolias from this set. YOU CAN’T USE GAMSOL ON EMBOSSED IMAGES!!! I found that out once I had everything embossed and then kept trying because I thought it was me using a dirty shading stump to color images… ugh… I know I am stubborn. After cleaning the stump, shaving the stump, changing the stump… nope this time it wasn’t me. Turns out gamsol also breaks down melted embossing powder. So save your time and just use your favorite gamsol friendly ink! Once you have the images colored I added some shimmer on the up turned sides of the flower (see Image). I didn’t want to go full throttle shimmer I just wanted an accent.


Once you have all of them painted up go ahead and set those aside and break out the blender brushes. I went with a fairly simple blue ombré sky. I like to add a beige or neutral color to the bottom of my sky’s just to give it a little subtle shift.


Ok, NOW you can break out that embossing powder and pick a sentiment to place roughly in the middle of the background. I wanted a metal color to represent a STEEL texture juxtaposed with the magnolias. I chose the sentiment “Don’t try and get on my good side, I no longer have one” because… #truth


The rest is all flower arrangement. I placed my magnolias on diagonal points on my background and just played with them until I liked the composition. After I placed them in a way that was aesthetically pleasing to me I began adding foam tape to the backs so that there was even more dimension to the flowers. PRO TIP: once you have the flowers in a composition that you like take a photograph of them. This way you don’t have to remember exactly how they were placed once you have them arranged, you can just follow the picture!

When those are foam taped up and placed. Of course I had to add some sparkly bits. This time I went with the Flat Back Half Gems- Heather Pearl since their shimmer perfectly matched the color scheme of my magnolias as well as the Glitter card stock I used for my boarder.


Once the boarder has been added please take the time to sit back and enjoy your work for a moment! You now have a completed card! Give this card away to a friend that needs a good chuckle or you can throw it at an enemy that still can get F3727D78-0F11-47D7-9D4D-1F2FC1BC5D35a hint!

If you’ve made it this far you get a prize! Enter Oliver10 at check out and get 10% off your order! Soooo order lots! Thank you so much for coming with me on this journey,. Maybe one day we will find ourselves in a grave yard screaming and crying with each other. To ensure that happens hit me up on any of my various social medias (especially if you have any questions about this or and of my card making processes). I hope you have a wonder day!

-Señor Gleason

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