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Tracking Goals with Ali

March 13, 2018

Hey y’all, Ali here! So…we need to talk about something serious…New Year’s Resolutions. I know, It’s mid March. But…um, how did that happen? So anywho, I have not been holding up my end of the personal goals I have set, which, since they are personal goals, I am pretty much the only one holding up anything. Yeah, not the point. The point is, it is time to get down to business. I have a few crafty goals (which is silly, because those are really just fun!) but I also have the goal I have every year, to get healthy, lose some weight (I can’t call it baby weight anymore, baby is 3), and feel better in my clothes! But that doesn’t really just happen…right? Nope! Gotta work for it. But first…let’s use new stamps to make a pretty goal tracker, you know, instead of working out.

This “Chin Up Buttercup” stamp set is gorgeous, the hand lettering is just spot on! And I love looking at my goal tracker, so maybe that will motivate me, right? Plus, there are 40 little hexagons, just begging to be colored in. The plan? For every pound lost, I get to color in a hexagon! Quick and easy!  The reminder to keep my chin up is necessary! I get discouraged with weight loss, and end up giving up and gaining it all back.  Not this time!

If you want to create your own goal tracker, it is super easy. I stamped the sentiment on a piece of paper, then I fussy cut around it. I also stamped the sentiment where I wanted it to go in my traveler’s notebook. I used the fussy cut image as a mask, and stamped with the largest hexagon in different colors around it! Then I added in my “empty” shapes! Voila, a couple of finishing touches, and a photo of myself that I don’t hate, and the goal tracker is complete!

I added in another reminder, for myself, because I need it. But…you got this too…whatever it is! When in doubt…stamp!


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