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Using Stamps as an Embroidery Pattern with Kira

March 18, 2018

Hey everyone!  It’s Kira and I am back with an off the page project today!  I am going to show you how to utilize your stamps as embroidery patterns.

When I first saw the Bella Flora stamp set, I thought it was so pretty it needed to be framed!  Which gave me the idea to stamp it on some fabric and embroider right on top of it.  The process is fairly simple, so I thought I would share exactly how I did it.

First, you’ll want to grab your supplies:  fabric (I used plain white cotton, but any plain fabric will do), stamp set (seriously, the Bella Flora stamp is PERFECT for this!), ink (I used black dye ink.  It shouldn’t make a difference what ink you use since it will all be covered up in the end.), embroidery thread, hoop and needle.  If you’ve never embroidered before, don’t fret, it is really quite simple.  I am self taught and hadn’t stitched on fabric in over four years.  Find some tutorials for the different stitches on Pinterest and go to town!

I started by cutting my fabric to size, I didn’t know my end goal at this point so I went a few inches larger than my hoop.  Then stamp your image as clean as you can directly on the fabric.  Don’t worry if it smudges slightly in the process, you’ll be covering every inch of the ink later.  Once you have your image stamped, you will place it center in the embroidery hoop.  I chose a smaller floral cluster and the word “lovely” for my project.

I also like to stamp the same image on some scratch paper and color it in roughly so I can decide which color will go where.  This makes decision making during the actual embroidery process much quicker.

Now it’s time to stitch!  I stuck with a simple satin stitch throughout my project, with the occasional French knot thrown in.  I like to think of it as coloring in the stamp with my thread.  You’ll pierce your needle slightly outside the black ink edge to guarantee all of it will be covered in the end.

I start with the colors with the least amount of pieces in the stamp, in my case it was the purple.  Then I worked up to the most, which happened to be all the green.

Once each area was colored in, I stitched around the word.  There were a few stitches I could have used here, but I wanted it to stay cohesive so I chose to go with a satin stitch again.

I finished off my project by tucking in the excess fabric and now it is ready to hang!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to try embroidering some of your stamps as well!

Until next time,



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Jessica MayDay March 19, 2018 at 1:51 am

What a great idea! Your design is so pretty. ❤


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